Practice Standards and Content Standards

The Common Core State Standards are organized in two categories: the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Standards for Mathematical Content. Download the appropriate document here to see specifically which individual Math-U-See lessons align with each K-6 Common Core Content Standard.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice, like Math-U-See's instruction and professional development materials, stress an approach to mathematics that is built around conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. The Content Standards apply this focus on procedure and understanding to specific ideas and skills. Although these content standards are organized by grade level, they clarify that in reality "[concepts] students can learn at any particular grade level depend upon what they have learned before", and that they "do not define the intervention methods or materials necessary to support students who are well below or well above grade level expectations." ("Common Core State Standards for Mathematics,"

Our 2013 editions of Primer-Zeta ensure that all of the concepts and procedures outlined in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content for grades K-6 are fully articulated. Although our materials are structured for skill mastery and are not divided by grade level, we have also followed, where possible, the grade level sequence within the Content Standards. As additional materials from the CCSS Initiative are released, such as the publisher's criteria, we are also endeavoring to pass on the intent of the standards by focusing on those concepts and procedures that the Initiative describes as essential and by placing less emphasis on those that the Initiative considers to be of lesser importance.

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