Administrator Walkthrough

Preparing for the Lesson


  • Watches instructional DVD
  • Reviews instructional strategies in Instruction Manual
  • Uses math vocabulary from DVD
  • Uses math strategies from DVD

Present New Topic


  • Presents new concept of the lesson
  • Shows DVD as part of student instruction if appropriate
  • Summarizes math concept to be taught
  • Demonstrates how to use the manipulatives to solve/build the problem
  • Models how to write the equation of problem as it is being built, step-by-step
  • Verbalizes/says each step of solving the problem while building and writing the equation
  • Coaches students through the “build, write, and say” process to prepare for Lesson Practice

Practice for Student to Acquire Mastery


  • Work through enough Lesson Practice pages over time to build a clear understanding and then progress to the Systematic Review pages. When the student demonstrates mastery of a lesson concept, they proceed to the Lesson Test and then to the next lesson. Students do not work every page in the lesson if mastery is evident.
  • Work monitored and observed closely by the teacher

Proceed after Student Demonstrates Mastery


  • Has student “teach back” concepts to peers and/or teacher to demonstrate mastery
  • Reviews individual student scores of Lesson Practice pages, Systematic Reviews pages, Lesson and Test data to determine student understanding and retention of math concepts
  • Records daily scores on the individual Student Progress Monitoring Form


  • Graphs Unit Pre/Post Tests

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