What Makes Us Unique

Math-U-See’s unique instructional approach makes it easier for instructors (parents, teachers, and tutors) to help students progress in mastering fundamental math skills and concepts.

Math-U-See’s simple but powerful set of colorful manipulatives allows abstract math concepts to be represented in clear, relatable ways. These manipulatives, combined with distinctive strategies presented through videos, textbooks, practice, systematic review, and assessments, guide students from concept to concept as they build a solid understanding of mathematics. Because the focus is on understanding math concepts, the curriculum is not organized traditionally by grades; rather, Math-U-See is a skills-based program that focuses on student mastery of a concept before progressing to the next concept.

Math-U-See’s unique program contains the following:

1. Colorful manipulatives are used to teach mathematical concepts from kindergarten into high school. Not only are the manipulatives highly effective at teaching math concepts, but they are also fun for students to use.

2. Instructional videos and textbooks show the instructor how to use the manipulatives to teach math concepts. This empowers the instructor and allows for more time to work with the student. The videos can also be used for student instruction and review of previous concepts.

3. Student workbooks focus on practicing and systematically reviewing concepts and tests that assess student progress. Clean, uncluttered layouts keep students focused without wasting time.

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