Accelerated Individualized Mastery

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The Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) programs provide a solution for students who are struggling with math because of gaps in their foundational math skills set. Students who experience these gaps in understanding can encountering difficulty processing complex mathematical concepts as their mental energy is consumed by processing fundamental skills. The AIM programs use proven Math-U-See strategies and distinctive manipulatives in combination with an accelerated approach to help students successfully master math concepts.

AIM lessons involve collaborative work between instructor and student to replace inefficient methods and processes with more effective strategies that provide solid conceptual understanding. These strategies are taught in each lesson and reinforced with activities structured to restore students’ confidence and provide them with the necessary skills to successfully solve more complex problems.

What is AIM?

Students move quickly through a skill set they have not yet mastered, without extra distractions.

Each student is different, as are their learning preferences. Using as many approaches as possible, the program creates an environment for a student to master the skills they still need at their own pace.

In this program, mastery means that a student can recall all the math facts using as little mental energy as possible to remain engaged in the process of problem-solving.

The AIM program provides:

  • Tools for mastery evaluation
  • Clarity for the instructor
  • Respect for the maturity level of the student
  • Focused and frequent practice for fact retention
  • An accelerated process
  • Flexibility to adapt to students pace of mastery

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