[I]n high-school my parents got the Math-u-see program for us. They had taught us with various other programs up to that point, but it was difficult to really ‘get into’ doing math.

When we got the Math-U-See program, I began to go through the courses, and after refreshing myself on several earlier subjects, began watching your algebra videos. I loved how Mr. Demme explained the concepts so straightforwardly, and at the same time interestingly. I was able to work through Algebra 1, and most of Algebra 2 (as well as part of Trig), during high school. Once I graduated I went to the local junior college and began taking math courses. During junior college, I still used the math-u-see videos to help me for Algebra 2, and Trigonometry (I probably watched the Trig videos 5-6 times through during the college class, since it really helped me understand it).

Now 7 years later, I have a masters degree in Engineering, and the Math-U-See courses (especially Algebra, and Trig) have come in so handy. When I was asked to tutor a young kid in basic math, the first place I looked was Math-U-See.

I love the way you make math fun. I still remember the squares that you made us memorize for Algebra 1 even though that was 11 years ago. Thank you so much.

— Matthew W.

My son recently took the SAT and missed only 3 problems on the test. He ranked 98th percentile in our state. He has used Math-U-See for Algebra 2, Geometry and PreCalculus. He wasn’t “getting” Algebra using another popular homeschool curriculum and we were both frustrated. We switched to Math-U-See after much research. With Math-U-See he felt the work was easy, and I was a tad concerned, but seeing his scores showed me it seemed easy because it was taught well. He is starting up with Math-U-See Calculus for this, his senior year. He also took a standardized test (Stanford Achievement 10) for 11th graders this Spring and made a 100% on the math. Math-U-See has taught him everything he needed to prove himself on these tests, and hopefully do well in college. I know it doesn’t and can’t promise every student such fantastic results, but does provide everything they need to achieve such results.

— Lisa P.

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product that you have here. I have taught junior high and highschool math for years. I decided to stay at home and school my own children three years ago. That is when I found your product. I couldn’t be more satisfied with your product. In hindsight, I wish I could have taught this curriculum to my school students. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my own children with such a great product. Thank you!

— Wendy D.

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your help. We received our package last Friday…(it was like Christmas!), and what an amazing week it has been! We worked on math everyday and my [9-year-old] son…was actually happy about it! Each day I ask him what subject he would like to start with and everyday it has been math. Before Math-U-See, he never wanted to even look at math! He loves the blocks and really is getting it, funny thing is, so am I. I was never very good at math and trudged through it myself and so far, every lesson, I have had an “AH-HA!” moment or two (guess you can teach an old dog new tricks ;-)). Going back to the beginning (Alpha) has been a great thing as well. We planned a lesson a day because I thought he would know a lot of the basics but had to repeat lesson three and allow some discovery time with the blocks. I realized he really did not understand that a number was just a number, not something you have to count up to all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you at Math-U-See and especially Mr. Steve for opening our eyes to a whole new world of math! We “See” it now!

— Stephanie L.

THANK YOU! It’s all I know to say. with prayer, much hesitation and a loooong question/answer session with the (very patient) Math-U-See reps at the Midwest Homeschool Convention this past Spring, my husband and I made the decision to switch our boys over to Math-U-See. Now, several weeks into our school year I can say that Math-U-See has changed the entire dynamic of our home school.

I personally stopped liking math in 7th grade when I had a “drill sergeant” for a math teacher. (I can literally remember him smacking a ruler on kids’ desks to get their attention when they didn’t understand/answer a question correctly! YIKES!) As a homeschool mom, I continued to plow through an “advanced” spiral type program with my boys (ages 11, 9 and 7) because I was determined they would understand math. What I found is exactly what Mr. Demme states in his videos/books: my kids could do math problems if you told them what to do. However, they didn’t have a clue as to how to go about tackling math in real life situations (word problems).

Over the past two years I’ve honestly begun to dread beginning our schoolwork because I knew that the whining, complaining and crying would start the second the math books were on the table. I knew that I had to change something before I completely destroyed my boys’ desire to learn math. Now with Math-U-See, we are tear and whining free! I no longer hear “I can’t do this/just tell me what to do.” And, best of all both my kids and I are beginning to see that we CAN understand math.

We’ve been homeschooling for 6 years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever written a company about their product. But, I just had to say thank you!

A grateful homeschooling mom,

— Kelly G.

I LOVE Math-U-See and so do my kids! My ‘mathy’ son is flying through the Pre-Algebra program, and my ‘dyscalculia’ daughter is gaining confidence at going from a ‘D’ student in another Algebra 1 program to an almost ‘A’ student in Math U See. Thank you Steve Demme!!!

— Katie

Love Math-U-See! The kids love Mr. Demme!

— Sandy

Love Math-U-See. I am learning all the things I did in school that I have forgotten. Great for the whole family!

— Jennifer

I love Math-U-See. My boys love it too. The teaching methods are fantastic.

— DeAnn

We love Math-U-See. The kids have fun and so do I.

— Laura

I hated fractions but now I get them thanks to MATH-U-SEE!!!!

— Anonymous

Thank you so much! It used to be so hard for my kids to do their math because it never explained how to do it. This has helped my four kids over the years to become very good in math!

— Celeste S.

My family loves math! I was not a strong math student when I was growing up, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to teach it to my children. I did a lot of research before choosing Math-U-See. I am happy to report that math is our family’s favorite subject! The videos are wonderful, and I love the online worksheet generator. This is the easiest to use of all our curriculum. I am really looking forward to learning some of the upper level math right along with my kids when they get there. Thank you, Math-U-See!

— Julia S.

I love that my son loves doing math now and will start reciting math problems when we wait for different appointments.

— Julie

Math-U-See is awesome!!! I’ve never learned math better. I am in 8th grade and Math-U-See makes Algebra sooooo easy!!!

— Kiara

I have a 17-year-old son and a 6 year old daughter. As I was shopping around to see what new math programs there were for my daughter, my son said,” Mom, you have got to get her Math-U-See. I learned so much with it!” I went right then and got her the Math-U-See program and I am so glad I did! She loves it and is do so well with it, just like he did.

— Kim

Math u see has made math my daughter’s favorite subject – she asks all the time, “can we do math?” She’s 5! What a great way to start with joy!

— Sheri

Math-U-See makes life so much easier and the manipulatives help my kids so much. I wish I had math like this. I’ve learned so many neat things that have helped me out in my adult life. I catch my 7yo doing his math at night during his free time. Thanks for such a great program.

— Laureen

I love math, but Math-U-See made me love math more. It’s even my children’s favorite subject. I can’t wait until Algebra time.

— Aurea

Great program. I understand Math better than ever, So does my 6th grade daughter!

— Christine

While I had no problems with math in high school, my husband did. I sailed through trigonometry while he failed Algebra 2 two times. While much of his difficulties were because of the teacher, it was also because of the evaluation techniques used by most schools…written homework and tests. He knew the answers before the teacher could write it on the board and could explain the method used to arrive at the answer, but he couldn’t produce the same process on paper. Before we were married, he got a job at a finish-lumber mill and was proficient with caliper measurements and calculations using decimals up to the thousandths place without relying on a computer/calculator. I on the other hand enjoyed writing math problems for fun and went to college to become an accountant but couldn’t find the unit price of something in the grocery store unless I had my calculator on me.

When our oldest children were in preschool, we went to our first homeschooling convention in Pittsburgh, PA where a Math-U-See demonstration was planned. My husband was intrigued by the description of the demonstration and wanted to attend so we did. I was skeptical at first based on my friend’s many years of experience, but then I thought to myself “what kid of mine wouldn’t want to play with Lego-like blocks and have it count towards school. Besides, there’s a video they can watch to break up my teaching.” But when my husband’s face lit up after working through an exponential problem, I knew it was the curriculum for us. The look on his face was “I get it…I finally understand how to write what I see in my head.”

Through the years, I am amazed at what I have been able to learn as I teach our kids. I am remembering things that I learned years ago and am learning about topics more in-depth and from different perspectives. But the most practical thing I have “learned” is mental math. My husband and I watch the videos with the kids and look at each other in awe at the “shortcuts” that are shared that we were never taught but are so useful (multiplying by 11 sticks out right now). I am finally able to do some mental math and have become faster in recognizing math facts and my husband got an A in his college Algebra class after being out of school for 17 years because he could finally write out the problems.

My brother is receiving his post-doctorate in Applied Mathematics from the University of North Carolina this December. He has been approached by the CIA and FBI to become part of their think-tanks and has interned with the Army Corps of Engineers to find solutions to the flooding problems in New Orleans. When we visited him during Christmas vacation two years ago, he was “grilling” my then-4th graders about what (or rather how) they learned in math. Although I noticed it, I didn’t think much of it as he always seems to ask people questions to see what they know. Later on, he pulled me aside and asked me what math curriculum I was using. I told him “Math-U-See” and expected to get a lecture on what was wrong with what they were learning. Instead, he told me how impressed he was at their mental math skills, their reasoning skills in utilizing their problem-solving skills to solve problems beyond their math level, and told me that I was doing an excellent job teaching them math. He told me that when he started college, most of the students had to re-learn much of what was taught to him up through high school (we went to public school and was taught Saxon math all the way through). He found out that most of the mathematics, engineering, and scientific field students had the same experience. He stated that if our children ever went into those fields, they would be a year ahead of most of the others.

We love the way that our oldest daughter is proficient at mental math and our oldest son is proficient at paper math. But even more, we love that their strengths are being utilized to help their weaker areas so that they are proficient in all three. I don’t think our kids have ever NOT wanted to do their math. And now that they are in school for the first time, they are ahead of their peers in many ways. I have also noticed that other parents are having to fill in gaps in their math curriculum (one even had 6 curriculums!) and they’re still not satisfied with the results. And almost every time, the only curriculum that is suggested as having an all-encompassing scope and sequence that children of all ages and abilities enjoy using is Math-U-See.

So I have shouted it from the rooftops and in the forums that Math-U-See could and possibly should be the only math curriculum taught and I’m almost always met with “it can’t be that good”. So I would love to be able to hand them something and say “if you don’t believe me, then check this out.” My husband, our two oldest children, and I have all had the opportunity to thank Mr. Demme in person for sharing his knowledge in such a practical way and continue to pray for what we see as the ministry of Math-U-See. Thank you will never be enough.

— Bridget A.

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