Learn how Math-U-See meets the needs of students struggling in math, in the words of teachers who have tried it.

Explicit Instruction

Math-U-See directly teaches skills for math in a simple, clear manner. “One student [with dyslexia] couldn’t even count to 20 at the beginning of the year. His teacher tells me that the ‘Proper Name’ counting to twenty has helped him tremendously. She bragged that he was able to skip count by 2’s up to 100 today. This is a huge…growth in math in just a few short weeks.” Stephanie Soltero, Hope Academy for Dyslexics

Systematic and Cumulative

Math-U-See introduces concepts in a definite, logical sequence. “The kids really enjoy it. As teachers, we love it because of the emphasis on problem-solving and applying concepts through word problems with every lesson and the cumulative review. We are sold on the product, so you will continue to get orders from us!” Edith Bailey, Barclay School, SC


Math-U-See uses step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, practicing, and mastering concepts. “After graduating from college in the area of Special Education eleven years ago, junior high math was still a struggle for me…especially to teach. I was introduced to your program at a conference a year ago. I taught Epsilon and Zeta last year to my students…and it was fantastic. My students and I (have) learned so much. It was absolutely wonderful. This year, I am teaching PreAlgebra. So far, my students and I are having a great deal of fun! Thank you for making math such a success for many students and teachers. Math-U-See is changing the lives of our nation’s children.” Jennifer, TX


Math-U-See engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels. “The program is going great! I love it. Using the blocks to show regrouping has made a world of difference to my students…I teach children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and the ‘visual’ aspect of Math-U-See is just what they need!” Kristine Espinoza, Hidden Valley Elementary, NV

Progress Monitoring

Math-U-See uses ongoing progress monitoring with frequent opportunities to re-teach. “For five years I worked with teachers using Math-U-See in over one hundred classrooms. It is successful with students with special needs because the instructional model emphasizes learning math conceptually and having students verbalize the process. Teachers using this program simultaneously instruct for conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem solving skills. ‘Build it, Write It, Say It, Teach It Back’ works!” Pat Carpenter, BSEd, MASEd, Former Math Liaison

Classroom Manipulatives System

Here are some testimonials and tweets from teachers using our Manipulatives in their classrooms.

“Teaching to tell time to the minute in second grade with Math-U-See has been very successful! In the past, it took my students weeks to understand time to the minute, and with Math-U-See my students grasp the concept in one day! It provides a hands-on approach where students can really understand telling time to the minute […] All students were 100% engaged in the lesson!” Susannah C. 2nd Grade Teacher

“Math-U-See has been a valuable piece of our […] program. The students remain highly engaged through a hands-on, multi-sensory approach. The manipulatives are simple for all students to use. Math-U-See helps students with all aspects of problem-solving.” Brooke R. Kindergarten Teacher

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