Research and Results

In the mid-2000s, a large New Mexico school district implemented Math-U-See as a Tier 3 Response to Intervention (RtI) core-replacement curriculum for students with IEPs. Based on the results of a small pilot program, the school district expanded implementation. With a larger sample, test scores continued to improve at a favorable rate. This school district was satisfied with the curriculum and the results achieved. By adhering to the recommended approach provided with Math-U-See training, they were able to maximize the return provided by Math-U-See.

The data collected documented how Math-U-See, when used according to recommended practices, provides the scaffolding and tools for students to be competent problem solvers. Math-U-See has been successfully implemented in over 300 different school districts across the United States. Feedback received from teachers and administrators indicates that student learning and retention have successfully closed the achievement gap.

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