Educational Settings

Math-U-See is ideal for use in one-to-one or small group learning environments, where an involved parent or instructor can work closely with students to make sure that concepts are mastered before moving to the next lesson. Learn how Math-U-See works in a few common homeschool learning environments.

Math-U-See at Home

Math-U-See is student-paced, so students of all abilities can thrive with Math-U-See. With the one-on-one approach of a typical homeschool, the home educator can meet the unique needs of each student. Math-U-See gives the home educator a clear understanding of when a student is ready to move to the next lesson by giving definite guidelines for when students have achieved mastery.

Math-U-See for Tutoring

Math-U-See is effective when used in one-on-one teaching or tutoring situations. It can be used to supplement and reinforce math concepts with any student. If a tutor is using Math-U-See with your student, please make sure that the tutor is familiar with the principles of Math-U-See and using those principles in their teaching methods. If you are a tutor, please contact us to learn more about using Math-U-See in your tutoring environment.

Math-U-See Online Co-ops

Some of our customers feel a need for additional help with upper-level math instruction. Therefore, we have created online co-operative learning courses to be an environment where students can get answers to their questions and additional help in understanding and mastering difficult concepts.

It is important to recognize that the online co-op class is a service provided for homeschooling families, not a school or accredited institution. Math-U-See provides a learning environment with an experienced instructor who partners with you and your student(s) in learning math, and the parent provides the final grade.

Visit Online Co-op Classes to learn more.

Math-U-See in Local Co-ops

Math-U-See can easily be adapted for use in a small classroom co-op setting. Keep in mind that Math-U-See is student-paced. Ensure that each student has mastered each concept and is ready to move to the next concept before proceeding. An engaged parent who can work closely with the student at home will be a tremendous help in determining if mastery is being achieved. Math is taught sequentially and each concept needs to be mastered before moving to the next. If a student isn’t learning at the pace of the co-op, make adjustments for them to move at their own pace for success.

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