What You’ll Need

Each Instruction Pack, with explicit lesson-by-lesson instruction, includes an Instruction Manual and a DVD of video lessons. The Instruction Manual provides a written explanation and additional examples for each lesson. Step-by-step solutions for the Student Workbook and test booklet are also included. The DVD lessons are designed to prepare the home educator to teach the new concept for each lesson and to demonstrate this with the appropriate manipulatives. However, you may find that some students can also benefit from watching the video lesson as a supplement.

The Student Pack includes the Student Workbook and the test booklet. The Student Workbook typically has six worksheets per lesson — three Lesson Practice sheets focusing on the new concept and application, and three Systematic Review worksheets covering the new material as well as review of math concepts previously studied. Our updated Greek letter series also includes one Application & Enrichment page per lesson. The test booklet typically includes one test per lesson, four unit tests, and a final exam. These can be used to help determine mastery or as extra worksheets. In Secondary Math materials — Pre-Algebra through Calculus — there may be slight variations in the numbers of worksheets, lessons, and unit tests.

Math-U-See is unique in the way we integrate the use of our manipulatives throughout the curriculum to effectively introduce and demonstrate math concepts. Depending on the level, you will need sets of Manipulative Blocks, Fraction Overlays, and/or Algebra/Decimal Inserts. See the specific course’s page in our Store for details, or contact Customer Service with questions.

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