Four-Step Approach

Prepare for the Lesson

Watch the video lesson to learn the new concept and see how to demonstrate this concept with the manipulatives when applicable. Study the written explanations and examples in the instruction manual.

Present and Explore the New Concept Together

Present the new concept to your student. Have the student watch the video lesson with you, if you think it would be helpful.

The following method should happen interactively:

Use the manipulatives to demonstrate and model problems from the Instruction Manual. If you need more examples, use the appropriate Lesson Practice pages.

Write down the step-by-step solutions as you work through the problems together, using manipulatives.

Talk through the why of the math concept as you build and write.

Give as many opportunities for the student to “Build, Write, Say” as necessary until the student fully understands the new concept and can demonstrate it to you confidently. One of the joys of teaching is hearing a student say, “Now I get it!” or “Now I see it!”

Student Practices for Mastery

Using the lesson practice problems from the Student Workbook, have the students practice the new concept until they understand it. It is one thing for students to watch someone else do a problem; it is quite another to do the same problem themselves.

Together complete as many of the lesson practice pages as necessary (not all of the pages may be needed) until the student understands the new concept, demonstrating confident mastery of the skill. Remember, to demonstrate mastery, your student should be able to teach the concept back to you using the Build, Write, Say method. Give special attention to the word problems, which are designed to apply the concept being taught in the lesson.

Student Progresses after Mastery

Once mastery of the new concept is demonstrated, advance to the Systematic Review pages for that lesson. These worksheets review the new material as well as provide practice of the math concepts previously studied. If the student struggles, re-teach these concepts to maintain mastery. If your student quickly demonstrates mastery, they may not need to complete all of the Systematic Review pages.

Now you are ready for the lesson tests. These were designed to be an assessment tool to help determine mastery, but they may also be used as extra worksheets. Your students will be ready for the next lesson only after demonstrating mastery of the new concept and maintaining mastery of concepts found in the Systematic Review worksheets.

“Tell me, I forget. Show me, I understand. Let me do it, I remember.” — Ancient Proverb;

To which we add, “Let me teach it and I will have achieved mastery!”

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