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Our Online Co-op instructors are passionately committed to helping you Build Lifelong Learners. They are experienced math instructors who embrace the Math-U-See philosophy of education and are enthusiastic about the study of math. Read more about a few of them here.

Jennifer Towler

Jennifer Towler

Jennifer Towler has taught mathematics professionally at the middle school and high school levels. She enjoys helping students become actively involved in mathematics by inviting students to ask questions, discuss ideas, and explain their reasoning. Jennifer has found beauty in mathematics and teaching. She agrees with Charles Caleb Colton, “The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness and ends in magnificence.”

Kristin Neill

Kristin Neill

Kristin Neill has taught math professionally from middle school through college levels, as well as teaching college education majors how to teach elementary math. Her teaching style includes asking leading questions that allow the students to work at their ability while encouraging development of their math and problem-solving skills. Math is one of her loves, as demonstrated in one of her favorite quotes by the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell: “Mathematics, rightly viewed, not only possesses truth, but supreme beauty.” She has several years of experience with teaching online math classes and also currently homeschools her own children using the Math-U-See curriculum.

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